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sabato 18 giugno 2016

One Man Band

Hello! This is Billy Blue. I am a one man band again. LOL

First the bad news.
Sad but true Jim & Dave have left the band. They are great friends of mine and good musicians but... simply they have a different vision about what music is and how to carry on "the mission". A lack of vocation that made us to argue a little about what to do and than... well having a band, to me, means both play and do the other things about promoting and so on. Play once a month just for fun is a good hobby but not what I want to do.
Anyway I need a drummer and a bass player. C'mon!

At last, the good new is about that:
I am recording a brand new album, with brand new tracks. I don't know how much time I need in order to arrange it all alone but I have too much songs to keep them in my mind. Let's spread the vibes. In my next step I'll look for a job to collect the money I need to carry on Mint Moon. Whatever it means.
No Fun My Babe No Fun.

up to now... that's all folks.

See you later alligator.

The Nigh Stalker

Here we are with Jim new film: THE NIGHT STALKER!


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venerdì 22 maggio 2015

Dead Cosplay Live Music #Destroyloboloco

After long line up changes we shared this magic night with our friends Kairos and Hellover on a zombie party. #destroyloboloco!

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Line Up troubles

Winter 2014 was lost looking around for a new line up. Pietro, Francesco, Valentina, Isabel and Jim thank you wherever you are.